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  • The Difference between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers: How to choose the right style

    November 16, 2023 4 min read

    The Difference between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers: How to choose the right style

    It’s a Stickerama Custom Sticker Style Showdown!

    We’re defining what makes each style unique and how to benefit from each, so that you can choose the best style to match your needs.

    In a world where first impressions matter more than ever, the art of branding and self-expression has reached new heights. Stickers have become powerful tools for businesses, brands, creatives and influencers alike. But before you dive into the playful and expressive world of stickers, it's essential to understand the two main contenders: die cut and kiss cut stickers.


    What Are Die Cut Stickers?

    Die cut stickers are precision-cut through both the vinyl and backing to follow the exact shape of your design or logo, leaving you with a completely custom shaped single sticker. This process is repeated to the number of desired stickers.


     Die Cut stickers on laptop


    Why Businesses and Brands Love Die Cut Stickers:

    Die cut stickers are the chameleons of branding. They adapt seamlessly to any shape, making them perfect for intricate logos, mascots and detailed designs.

    They offer a professional and polished look, enhancing your brand's image with a sense of exclusivity.

    If you have a side hustle online business, these make great additions to send with parcels as a free gift.


    Why Creatives and Influencers Choose Die Cut Stickers:

    For artists and creatives, die cut stickers are the canvas for expressing their individuality.

    Influencers can use die cut stickers as merchandise to sell or use as giveaways, strengthening their personal brand.



    What Are Kiss Cut Stickers?

    Kiss cut stickers are custom stickers that are cut through the vinyl or paper layer but not through the backing material (Picture a sheet of stickers that you can peel off one at a time).

    They allow for multiple stickers to be printed on a single sheet. We offer these in a variety of shapes to suit your needs.



    Why Businesses Love Kiss Cut Custom Stickers:

    Kiss cut stickers are a cost-effective marketing powerhouse for businesses. They allow high-volume production and efficient distribution. Versatile in nature, they can display branding/logos and product labels.

    Kiss cut stickers turn product packaging into an advertising platform and create excitement for the receiving customer, reinforcing your business's brand identity – Adding undeniable valuable for small businesses looking to create a positive and memorable impression.

    Why Creatives love Kiss Cut Custom Stickers:

    We are able to turn your artistic flair into a quality printed custom sheets ready to share with the world. Kiss cut sticker sheets can also be done to custom shapes on request.

    How to Choose Between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers

    Budget Matters:
    Kiss cut stickers offer a cost-effective solution for large quantities, making them suitable for businesses and brands with budget constraints.

    Distribution and Application:
    Think about how you intend to distribute and apply your stickers. Die cut stickers are more convenient for handing out in bulk (think events, expos or music concerts).

    Kiss cut, on the other hand, is perfect for high-end packaging and branding materials (think branded packaging, parcels, cafe-to-go cups, candles, homemade goods and cake boxes. Do you run events where people wear name labels?… You get the idea.


    The Versatile Applications of Both Sticker Types

    Branding and Marketing:
    Both die cut and kiss cut stickers are powerful tools for brand promotion, product packaging and marketing materials. Die cuts make great merchandise, promotional items and products to sell online for Influencers and creatives.

    Product Labelling:
    Businesses can use kiss cut stickers for product labels, or to elevate their packaging game.

    Event Promotion:
    Die cut stickers are perfect for event promotions, as they are easy to distribute at trade shows, conferences and corporate events.

    Personal Branding:
    Mix and Match - Influencers and creatives can use die cut stickers as merchandise or promotional items, and kiss cut stickers for personalised branding to grow their reach and elevate their audience/customer experience.


    The Sticker Style Showdown

    Ultimately, the choice between die cut and kiss cut is all about aligning your unique goals, catering to what your audience would want and keeping to the budget you’re working with.

    Both have their own set of advantages, and often, the magic happens when they work together.

    Whether you're a business aiming to make a statement, an artist expressing your creativity, or an influencer looking to engage your audience, stickers are your artistic canvas and mini billboards.

    And now that you understand the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers, it's time to unleash your creativity and make your message stick. Embrace the sticker revolution and let your message leave a lasting impression.

    In upcoming blogs, we're diving deeper into the art of ordering custom stickers and exploring the wild world of sticker printing. Stick around – this journey's just getting started!


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