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  • The Cool World of Custom Stickers: Join the revolution!

    October 22, 2023 3 min read

    Custom Printed Stickers

    Alright, business owners, let's talk stickers – not your typical run-of-the-mill ones, but the secret weapon that can supercharge your brand presence. Stickers are more than just adhesive paper; they're like mini billboards for your business.

    In this inaugural blog, we're diving headfirst into the dynamic universe of custom stickers and how they're turning the tables for savvy business owners and influencers.

    Get ready to peel back the layers and discover how these versatile sticky wonders can turbocharge your brand.

    Why Stickers are Branding Magic for Grown-Ups 

    We're talking about how businesses can elevate their brand's individuality (and presence) with these nifty gems. There is a sticker revolution going on and people everywhere are using stickers to personalise everything. Custom stickers are fast trending as the cool way to make a statement. Ever seen a water bottle that's a total conversation starter? Let custom stickers do the same for your business, turning everyday items into walking advertisements. Everywhere your stickers travel, such as a laptop screen open at a cafe or on a Yeti water bottle someone’s holding at the gym, your brand is gaining positive attention.


    Brand Exposure on a Budget

    Stickers are your stealthy branding weapon that won't break the bank. Forget about those costly marketing campaigns; stickers are your guerrilla marketing heroes. They're your golden tickets to skyrocketing brand recognition. You won't believe how event organisers are making waves with custom stickers – turning events into unforgettable brand showcases. Let's uncover how stickers can turn heads, bolster your brand and create dedicated fans without emptying your wallet. Get ready to make your brand the talk of the town.


    Designing Your Dream Sticker

    The journey starts with design, and that's where the branding magic unfolds. You don't need to be a design guru; all you need is a vision. Kick things off by defining the purpose of your sticker – be it brand reinforcement, event marketing, or simply spreading your business message. It's like setting the stage for your sticker's grand entrance. Then comes the fun part: choosing your style, picking the perfect colour scheme, and curating visuals that scream your brand identity – it's all part of the sticker design game. Whether you're a design maven or just starting out, there are many ways to bring your brand's story to life.


    Avoid This Common Design Mistake When Ordering Custom Stickers

    We're not here to rain on your parade, but there are some design bumps in the road you'll want to sidestep. We're calling out the usual suspects – those common design mistakes – and showing you how to keep your designs sharp. Your brand deserves a clear, high-quality representation, not a pixelated or blurry sticker. Let's make sure your stickers look nothing short of eye-catching. It all begins with the design. 

    See our recommendations for the best file formats for a sharp design.

    So, as you dive into the world of custom stickers, you're unlocking a treasure trove of branding potential and promotional superpowers for your business. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking cost-effective brand elevation or an influencer aiming to turn heads, custom stickers are your stylish sidekicks on this thrilling branding adventure. 

    In upcoming blogs, we're diving deeper into the art of ordering custom stickers and exploring the wild world of sticker printing. Stick around – this journey's just getting started!

    Because we love a good story, if you have a good one of how stickers have worked for you, share it in the comments below. 



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